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Colton Pemberton (me)

From My Heart to Yours

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time. Consistency is key though. I have always struggled being consistent. It seems like the Lord has made every provision possible in order for me to begin the journey of writing a blog. 

A few weeks ago I was online searching different domains that were available at the time, I was astonished to see that studygod.org was available for only $12. I felt like that was a sign big enough for me to just go ahead and grab it. I feel like I was given a massive real estate property for literal pennies on the dollar. Not to mention after I did some key word research I found that terms “study God” are searched roughly 3,600 times on average per month. I felt like it was the right fit and a perfect all-encompassing domain name for a blog I’ve always wanted to create. 

My prayer is we can do verse by verse studies in the Word, but I know that we at times will be distracted by topical studies due to current events in the world and also the doctrinal world of Christendom. 

From the very earliest age that I can remember having a personal relationship with the Lord I have always prayed to have a greater influence for His Kingdom. All I have ever wanted to do was give the Gospel to all peoples. Thank God, by His providence it is becoming easier and easier to do such. 

I have no other intentions for this blog than for it to bless people for Christ. Drawing us closer to Him, knowing Him more deeply, and living with Him more intimately. 

I have grown up a Christian yes, but have been tried in the deepest depths of darkness (due to my own accord) in order that Christ’s goodness be made whole in my life. 

I have been to Bible College yes, but I have not learned an iota of what’s available in the vast shores of God’s mercy. 

I have been in full-time ministry since the age of 21 yes, but I have yet to come to a place in my life where I have exhausted God’s endless love for my life. 

I have diligently study the scriptures whether they be true yes, and even at times created more questions than answers yes, but I have come to know THE answer: His name is Jesus Christ, and I love Him so.

Colton Pemberton -Youtube

I have loosely begun this same thought pattern and adopted it into my Youtube channel which, prayerfully so, will cover a video portion of most of the studies we do in concordance with this blog. Again, I know consistency is key, so pray for me to have the motivation to create content continuously. 

The biggest help in this effort (obviously the Lord first) will more than likely be the time I have to study for sermons week in and week out. The blog and YouTube channel won’t always follow the pattern of my Sunday sermons but it will aid in my studies on providing Holy Spirit-led content to help better understand scripture.

Currently, I am wanting to walk through the book of Philippians exposition-ally. In recent weeks, at our church newhopeswifton.com (always gotta put a plugin for the church of course lol) I have ministered through the first chapter of Philippians a couple times. I have grown to really become fond of the short 4 chapters Paul writes to the church at Philippi. So, prayerfully that is what will be coming in the next few weeks.

Marketing Efforts

I know this is like, totally out of order but I wanted to dive a little deeper as to why I feel led to begin this blog. Perhaps it will encourage you to do the same. 

So, as an avid reader and also an avid Google user I have read more blogs on more topics than I care to admit. I have gathered incredible information due to many people’s hard work. Blogs have aided me in ministry, in decision making, in so many crucial areas of my personal life I can’t thank the Lord enough for the medium of blogging in general. 

A few weeks ago I was in the midst of a larger life decision for my family and I was praying for direction on what to do. Our church provides a place for us to live and a solid weekly salary but comes just short of what we need to truly make ends meet. For a couple of months I was working odd end jobs just making an extra couple of bucks a week to help give us the cushion to not stress finically.

After a couple circumstances at our church and in my odd-end jobs I began to realize the Lord was moving me to stay at the church on a more full-time basis and so I began to really seek the Lord on what I was to do to help provide. 

Turns out a gentleman, who I had been friends with for a few years, and even done some VoiceOver work for was looking to have someone help with his company in Business Development. 

After talking with my buddy Brad and how this opportunity quite literally fell in my lap, and furthermore was going to allow me to work exclusively from the church, and provide the perfect amount of financial stability that we need, I knew this was from the Lord. Little did I know how much it was going to effect my future in terms of what I was going to get paid to learn.


With that being said, what an extreme blessing it is to learn the back end of website “know-abouts” all whilst the Lord intended for me to learn this stuff to further spread the Gospel, what a blessing looking back on how the Lord works.

My joy is completed by knowing that we are leaving our efforts in the Lord’s hands. Even in our eyes if we fail we fall into His arms. Our shortcomings have never stopped God’s providential plan from taking place. Not to encourage failure by any stretch, but it is true, He has the last say in the matter. I am going to be praying in my personal time with the Lord that this blog will fulfill God’s will to the fullest, asking Him to have His way with our hearts, in Jesus name.  

With all love in Christ,

Colton Pemberton