End Times Headlines

End Times Headlines

You’ve felt it, I’ve felt it… We’ve all felt it. Something changed in the world at the start of 2020. Not just the coronavirus, not just civil unrest, not the natural disasters, something deeper. Something more tangible, even people who don’t believe in spiritual stuff would say something has changed significantly. For the sake of this post we are gonna call this tangible presence the “end times headlines.”

In the midst of an ever changing world 2020-2021 has proven to be one of the most unprecedented years for many peoples and countries.

I am not an hysterical kind of Christian. What I mean by that is I’m not going to allow the wake of hysteria in the media and others to control the outcome of my life, or your life for that matter. I don’t want to perpetrate an idea that would cause fear to trump your convictions.

These “end times headlines” are causing such a ruckus in the church and media world there are more people at odds with one another than ever before.

What are These “End Times Headlines”

When I refer to this term “end times headlines” I mean the calling cards of what Jesus would call the “last days” outlined in the book of Matthew Chapter 24. Jesus lays out what will happen before He returns to the earth again after HIs resurrection.

The list of events includes, pestilences (sickness and disease), wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, many denying Christ and deceiving many claiming they are the Christ, and finally (possibly the most evident factor in our current time) the love of many will wax cold and offense will rise.

The Greatest Question over the Last 2 Years

I’ve been dwelling on the last one for quite some time. How dynamic this prediction is to think this was 2,000 years ago and it describes perfectly what’s happening today. The love of Christ has gone away from the church, our cities, our families, and as a result everyone is offended at what you do or don’t do.

My greatest question throughout these past 2 years has been why does it matter what others choose to believe? I share my thoughts on this in a previous post (What is the Bible?), but it baffles me people are so offended by what others do. When a believer is identified in Christ what others do can, yes, grieve the Holy Spirit inside of you when the revealed will of God is not followed, BUT it is the perfect love of God to allow others to make their own choices.

God loves us so much that He gives us the ability to choose. Being offended by something is ultimately a hit on our pride. Pride at its fullness is self-preservation. When we get offended we are trying to preserve our own mind, will, and emotions. All of these things including our soul and spirit have to daily submit to the cross of Christ.

Being offended at something means in retrospect we aren’t fully confident in our belief of what is being questioned. It means that you and I have some doubts about our stance.

I’ll give an example.

If you were to tell me my wife is ugly I would be grieved only that you don’t know the truth. Because the truth is I know for an absolute fact my wife is the most beautiful woman ever to exist. I am fully persuaded of this, I don’t have to try and convince you of this same belief. If I wasn’t sure of this I would lash out and attempt to persuade you that this were true. But rather, because I know it’s the truth after I speak my case I can now rest in knowing the truth was presented, you can choose to believe it or not.

We have the same hope but even more alive in Christ. The bible says we are to pray for those who “persecute us and despitefully use us.” When someone denies the truth of Christ my heart is broken that they are rejecting His salvation plan, but it is not pridefully offended because I am fully aware of Christ and His truth.

More End Times Headlines

The world is at a constant state of unrest. The rumors we hear from American media, the lies we are so often fed by our politicians, the constant weight of opposing opinions are all signs that Christ’s return is imminent.

In 2 Peter 3:3-10 Peter foretells of how people will scoff against the return of Christ, saying “they said he would come back in our ancestors day, but He still hasn’t” he reminds them the Lord works on his own time frame. “No man knows the day or hour not even the son of man.”

In this same passage Peter says, “1,000 years is as one day to the Lord.” According to that math God has only gone through 6 days in Heaven since the beginning of creation, He’s not on the same time-table we are.

We might be thinking, “The world is getting super bad, Lord you can come at anytime.” It might seem like forever to us that the Lord is waiting to return, but we are on a totally different time schedule. He is showing us signs of the end-times, it is time to share the love of Christ with everyone we are able to. Let us go and tell people about Jesus.

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