God Where are You?

God Where are You?

I would assume if people could physically see God they would believe in Him. The Bible does actually deal with this issue on multiple occasions, interestingly enough. For those claiming that the Bible is so inaccurate and fanatical it sure does seem to be right so very often.

But listen…

It is a point, a valid point that, we as Christians, ought to have enough compassion to do our best in answering; God where are you?

Not All Seeing is Believing

Let’s reason together, you know… Let’s level with one another. Think about this.

Say you are crossing the street one day in a major city. And all of a sudden out of no where you see a man running past you in a sprint. He comes inches away from knocking you over as you are walking perfectly on the cross walk.

Right away you take note of a few things… You notice immediately he’s running in the opposite direction of you. You notice a tingle of frustration start to well up inside you because he was careless to look out for you, you notice he was carrying something underneath his jacket. That’s all you know…

Could it be that you just got a glimpse of a scenario without enough resourceful information to make a clear judgement? You have no idea what he’s running to, what he’s running from, what he was carrying, or why it was he almost knocked you over? You don’t have the slightest clue or even close enough information to remotely guess as to why he was running.

Could it be said that you and I don’t have enough information about the universe to make a clear and concise judgement as to why or how God exists, outside of the Bible, conscience, and creation?

Sure you could throw that same argument back in my face and say that I don’t have enough information about believing that God is real, but see, that is where one would be wrong.

The Bible, God Where are You?

The Bible has never been proven wrong. It’s a fact. Historical accuracies, consistency, and much more the Bible stands as the greatest living document in all the history of the world.

New theories come and go becoming outdated by the latest genius theorizers. I have a respect for science and mathematics but there is not enough proof in any study that would disprove the existence of God.

The Bible says in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

His Word is the Bible and it is where you will find God. The Bible is the story of man’s redemption to get back in right relationship with God. God’s plan and desire has always been to be with His children. When we wander “Where are you God?” He is whispering back with a powerful yet often small voice, “I am here, child.”

God is among us, He is omni-present, which means He is everywhere at all times. Even the opportunity to ask the mere question of where God is, is an expression of God’s love for us all. Knowing that we can search for Him, and find more and more about Him.

Empty Spaces

I know something about our beloved unbelieving friends that they don’t think I know. I know there is not a person alive who is without the love of Christ that feels completely and totally satisfied. There is a void in the heart of every person who doesn’t have a relationship with God. And the fact is, they know it too.

Here’s the thing about rebellion. You rebel against what is truth. You don’t rebel to false information, because it doesn’t exist. Rebellion is the act of someone who fundamentally knows the truth but refuses to receive it, therefore having to attempt in convincing themself the expressed truth is untrue.

That’s why people go through such great lengths to try and disprove the validity of scripture. People spend their whole lives trying to convince themselves and others God is not real. When the satisfied believer doesn’t have to try and convince others that God is real, rather their heart beat is for others to know the depths of Christ’s love. That’s the whole purpose for a Christian’s existence, to show the love of God to everyone.

Try Him today. Trust in Him, believe on Him, and I promise you won’t regret it.

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