God’s Purpose and My Dreams

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God’s Purpose and My Dreams

It’s really tough at times to distinguish your goals and dreams from God’s purpose or at least that’s what Christians assume.

A few years ago the Lord actually revealed something to me about this. Many of the good things I wanted to do or had planned to do were attributes that shadowed God’s character. So many of the dreams I had and still have compare perfectly with what God has in store for His people.

Simply put, we often overcomplicate the equation. If the things you want to do show the character of God’s purpose for creation it is in God’s plan for you to live them out.

The Fear Factor

We are so often assuming that because we want to follow a passion of ours it can’t be from God. I don’t know what it is about the human nature but I have found its extremely hard to believe in something so good. I think that’s the challenge even with the Gospel. It’s really hard for our minds to comprehend believing in something truly so good.

When you break it down, the passions you have that are seemingly glorifying to God are there for a reason, we just may not know the reason at the time. The gifts, talents, and passions you have are definitely there for a reason, just allow the Lord to speak to your heart and open the doors according to His timing to let you use them when He wants you to.

He is That Good

The beautiful part about a relationship with God is knowing that He is always good enough to believe. When it seems to good to be true with the Lord He is preparing your heart for an assignment in the future. I am reminded of Psalm 37, which states, “If you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart.”

What God does here is completely molds and shapes your heart to His desires and then abundantly shifts your desires to align with His. In your daily efforts of living for Him you will find His grace begins to fuel your passion for His ministry. You’ll begin to want to use the gifts you were born with to bring others closer to Him.

That’s the beauty of living for Christ; knowing we can each be used to bring others to the saving knowledge of our Creator.

With all love in Christ,

Colton Pemberton


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