God’s Purpose For My Life

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God’s Purpose for the Life of Every Believer

If there is one question I have asked the Lord more than any other question, it would have to undoubtedly be, “What is your will for my life?”

I suppose this ever daunting question first came to me around 11 or 12 years old. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be a fireman, police man, construction man, chef man, etc for years. I was eager to try it all. When the Holy Spirit drew me to a more sincere walk with Him I rethought the question. I genuinely wanted to know what God’s purpose for my life would be.

There’s a great deal of confusion in the modern church about God’s will. Many books have been written, songs have been sung, and plenty sermons preached concerning God’s purpose. In fact, perhaps the most sold Christian book ever, “Purpose Driven Life” has to be an indicator of people’s most desperate longing to know God’s purpose.

Like anything in life, it is most valuable to look to the Word of God for direction in our lives. What does the Bible say about God’s purpose for my life?

Taking a Look at Scripture

When we talk about the Bible in a literal sense I want to try and take it in terms of motifs. Meaning, in a broad scale of scripture, what is God telling us? From Genesis to Revelation what is God’s purpose for my life and your life? God’s purpose is to have fellowship and communication with Him.

God’s will was to have communion in the Garden of Eden. From the very beginning of time God has desired to live amongst His creation. His desire has been solely to spend time with His people. When mankind messed it all up in the Garden the rest of the Old Testament is an account of God’s forever attempt to pursue His people.

It was in the plan of God since the fall to redeem mankind through His son Christ in order for us to be restored back to relationship with Him. When Christ came to the world He opened our understanding to the New Covenant and the world we sees a clear path to a restored relationship to the Father (through Christ alone).

Because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross He opened the door way of communication on our behalf to the Father. In Christ’s earthly ministry before giving His life, He thoroughly taught, exemplified, and explained what His sacrifice would do for our relationship with Him.

He explained how the Old Testament was a perfect type and shadow of things to come. In the Sermon on the Mount He gave us the meaning of living in His grace.

I say all of this to circle back around to God’s purpose for our lives.

God’s General Purpose for All

God’s general purpose for your life is to simply share the gospel among all creation. In Matthew 28 Christ gives us the Great Commission to go and tell the world about His work to every living creature. Yet again, we see God’s heart to restore perfect fellowship with His creation by using His creation to tell people about Him.

God predestined for each of us to give this everlasting hope to all the world. The unfortunate truth is, by and large, the world has gone on to seek its own pleasures and sinful cravings. God is ever always longing for us to present the opportunity of having a relationship with Him.

It is each of our duties to accomplish sharing this gospel to the ends of the Earth.

I am extremely passionate about this particular topic because it has totally revolutionized my personal life. I realize the ONLY reason I exist is to communicate this gospel to all peoples. (I will try to discuss practical steps to take in the next section). The most important action we could take is to live out this gospel insomuch as to give it to others.

In Colossians chapter 4 Paul request prayer from the church in Colossae for, “God to open a door for them to share the mystery of Christ,” that is to be on the heart and lips of every born again believer in the world. “Lord, grant us more opportunities to share this great truth unto all the world.”

God’s Specific Purpose for You

Something to give you peace about God’s purpose/will for your life is He uniquely gives us passions, dreams, visions, desires to follow after. These passions/giftings also often benefit the Kingdom along with our own personal life.

There’s a notion in the church world today that every dream/passion you have should be forsaken and and you should simply quit living in the world to separate yourself for ministry.

While the Lord absolutely calls us to a life of holiness, I would contend that He actually puts those dreams, passions, and ambitions in our lives to follow after HIM in the midst of doing those things. I’m not talking about fitting God into the box of your own desires, I am talking about serving Him with your gifts.

For example:

Say you have never picked up an instrument a day in your life but you have this unquenchable desire to play music. I’m gonna be straight with you…. GOD PUT IT THERE.

He wants you to praise Him on the drums, praise Him on the guitar, praise Him with your voice etc.

Don’t think for a second that we are to put away every gift we have to solely be reverent to sharing the gospel through word of mouth alone. God wants to use these gifts to aid in spreading the gospel.

Your Gifts, Dreams, Passions

I do not know what you want to do with your life in terms of a passion, but do NOT settle for anything less that what God has designed for you. If you have prior responsibilities to provide for, like a family, child, etc. I understand, but please for the love of the Lord Himself do not get trapped into working a 9-5 that will ultimately trap your growth in Christ.

There’s nothing wrong at ALL with working a 9-5 but read very carefully… God has a purpose for YOUR life, as in, He is your ultimate provider. Your job does not determine your purpose, or at least it shouldn’t.

You are identified with Christ, not anything in this world. It is in Him all contentment and satisfaction is to be had.

If you have an innate desire and dream to follow after an unquenchable passion, it is the Holy Spirit knocking on your heart to follow after it. Please take a leap of faith and let the Lord show you that He will take care of you.

Use the gifts God has given you and share this gospel with everything you do!

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